Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “Who do you think you are?”

Q: “Where do you live?”
Nice try.

Q: “Are you a Christian or a Zionist?”
Truthfully speaking, I’d rather go back to Islaam than choose one of those options.

Q: “Are you plotting to lure Muslims away from their religion?”
No. I love Muslims and respect their choice of religion. In return, I simply hope that they reciprocate the favour.

Q: “Do you hate Islam?”
No. As an apostate, I just kindly disagree with certain aspects of it.

Q: “If there is no God, then who created you?”
That question is based on the assumption that I acknowledge the validity and evidences of Creationism. And I do not. The existence of your Creator God is possible, however, I consider it as an unlikely probability.

Q: “Go live a free and promiscuous lifestyle. That is why you really left Islam, isn’t it?”
Actually, I live a disciplined lifestyle of abstinence and sobriety. I’m also a vegetarian.

Q: “You’ll end up in Hellfire. Don’t you want Paradise?”
That is your particular belief. Similarly, Christians believe that those who reject ‘Eesaa (Jesus) as “Lord” will be lost. Neither belief is bothersome to me because I’m sincere and confident in my position. Personally, I view eternal damnation and it’s punishments as sadistic and the depictions of jannah (paradise) in the Qur’aan as supposititious.

Q: “I don’t get you. What is your agenda?”
To simply share a personal experience, in all honesty.

Q: “If you were raised in a more religious or more practicing family, do you think that you would have been so drawn to Islam?”
Yes, but I would likely have not converted to Islaam in that predicament.

Q: “…why do you then defer all of the logic with the second-to-last paragraph by stating that you still “respect Islam” ? Is your respect earned by anything concrete, or is it a result of nostalgia with the last “religious feeling” that you experienced ? What is left to respect about Islam ? …why respect the whole Islam, since within that concept “Islam” are the many deplorable things you previously mentioned.”
Respectfully, I hold the religion of Islaam in high esteem, although not to the pinnacle of veneration. Like many of the world religions, it brought about a drastic reformation conducive to many positive changes. With the advent of Islaam, various societal ailments were cured (i.e., female infanticide in pre-Islamic Arabia). Very few ideologies and religions are flawless, if any. I also highly respect the United States Constitution, albeit with its failings. The absence of respect — disrespect — is a disposition that I personally would not like to adopt and espouse.

Q: “What was it like being a moslem?”
As a Muslim, I constantly had to defend our deen (religion, way of life) and mu’min (believers) from a barrage of criticism and misconceptions. Our masjid (mosque) was vandalized. If I wore Islaamic wardrobe, non-Muslims would stare in contempt as if I was involved with 9/11. This environment pushed many Muslims into isolation. Nevertheless, this had absolutely no impact on my confidence nor was a reason for my apostasy.

Q: “Did you meet any terrorists?”
I associated with men who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. I wouldn’t describe them as “terrorists” at all. From my encounters, they seem to be intelligent, compassionate and law-abiding people concerned for the welfare of their people. Anyhow, I personally subscribe to the ideal of pacifism.

Q: “Which is your favourite chapter in the Quran?”
Soorah Al-Ikhlaas — the 112th chapter of al-Qur’aan.

Q: “Who is allah?”
Allaah is Arabic, literally meaning “The God” (al + ilaah).

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